Walk and Hike

Walk and Hike

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Nature traveller’s paradise

Tohmajärvi is a paradise for a nature traveller. Due to the effect of the grove zone of Lake Ladoga, the nature is lush and versatile in terms of flora and fauna. The terrain can occasionally be extremely steep. There are lakes, ponds and rivers between the hills. The forests and swamps are characterized by fields and villages.

Tohmajärvi offers excellent possibilities for hiking and camping in nature. Nature trails and paddling trips along the Jänisjoki river provide a chance to explore the versatile nature of Tohmajärvi. A wide ski track network is available for all during the wintertime.

Nature trails call for people

The nature trails will lead you to the varying landscapes and nature of Tohmajärvi. The Kemie nature trail offers a challenge due to its height differences. The trail leads from the centre of Tohmajärvi through the Jalajanvaara conservation area. The Aconitum trail continues to the Aconitum napellus grove in Piilovaara. The high number of info boards along both trails give information about the nature and cultural history. The Siirinpolku trail in Kaurila twists in the childhood landscape of the Olympic winner Siiri Rantanen. The Myllypuro lean-to is the perfect place for enjoying a cup of coffee. The Mikonpolku trail in Saarionvaara opens up towards the wide-ranging village scenery of Saario. The lean-to by the side of Saarionvaara is open to everybody.

Maiju Lassila’s culture trail

The Maiju Lassila culture trail that opened in summer 2018 in honour of the 150th birthday of author Maiju Lassila, includes several culture-historical attractions that can be enjoyed over a bike ride, for example. The trail map is also found in the central park next to the municipal office building. This park, also called Potsipuisto, is located adjacent to the Maiju Lassila monument.