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Revised services of the town of Tohmajärvi


The Finnish Government has issued measures to control the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in Finland. The town of Tohmajärvi is therefore closing some of its services during 18 March 2020 – 13 April 2020 to limit the coronavirus epidemic.


Following changes at the services provided by the town of Tohmajärvi have happened:


  1. Indoor exercise areas under the governance of the town of Tohmajärvi are closed until 13.4.2020
  2. The school gyms and other facilities are closed until 13.4.2020
  3. The teaching at the adult education center of Tohmajärvi is on break until 13.4.2020. The continuation of teaching will be informed on later date.
  4. The youth center Stoppi is closed until 13.4.2020
  5. The library is closed, and the library car will not drive until 14.3.2020. This also applies to the self-service library. Books can be returned through the returning box.
  6. Ourdoor exercise areas will remain open, but keep in mind, that you are not allowed to group up with over 10 persons. Ski trails will be kept as long as the weather allows it. You should keep the safety distance while skiing.
  7. Rehabilitative work activity is on hold until 14.4.2020. Employment coordinator will contact all the people affected by this.
  8. Schools are closed until 13 April and studying will be done remotely at home. Custodians of the students have been informed about this. The town of Tohmajärvi will organise limited face-to-face to forms 1–3 as well as students with a decision on special support. School lunch will be provided to those, who go to school for their education
  9. Daycare centres are open, but parents are advised to take care of their children at home if possible. If child moves to homecare, you should make a absence mark to the DaisyNet. If family takes their children from daycare to homecare, they can apply payment refund from chief of daycare. This practice applies until 13.4.2020. Daycare will inform the custodians directly about this.
  10. The education provide by the Centreal Karelia music school will be done remotely. Music school has informed and will continue to inform their students and the custodians of the parents directly.
  11. The town employees have been instructed to work remotely from home, if possible. The offices of school, technical and the Central Karelia music school will be locked. The town hall will remain open as usual, to permit the use of the internet point. Customers are primarily asked to use electronic service channels or the phone. In person meetings with the town employees must be arranged by phone before meeting. Applications and other documents can be returned to the mailboxes of the service points.
  12. There will no meetings or events at the facilities of the town of Tohmajärvi. Planned meetings of the town organs will be kept, but alternative organizing options are being searched.
  13. You can apply for a summer job with the town until the end of March, and the campaign will continue as before until further notice.
  14. All visits to hospitals, inpatient wards, health centre hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living units are forbidden until further notice. Any necessary visits must be agreed on with the staff in advance.



On the basis of discussions with the chairs of the government groups, the Minister of the Interior has instructed that specifications be given to practices for crossing internal borders in order to combat the threat to internal security posed by the spread of the coronavirus.

From Sunday 22 March 2020 at 00:00, crossing internal borders will only be permitted for persons, who based on a permanent employment contract, work in the intrinsic travel-to-work area on the border with Sweden or Norway. More info at



The management team of the town of Tohmajärvi will follow the situation and will inform the citizens and employees.

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