Clean-up Before Moving Out

leipäteksti clean-up

One of the most important things before moving out is to perform a thorough clean-up.


  • Clean the toilet seat thoroughly. Remember to use a brush!
  • Scrub the sink, shower space walls and faucets properly! Do not forget to wash the floor!
  • Wash the floor drains. Remove the cover and clean the drain trap of hair and other dirt. Remove all loose hairs from the sink.
  • Wash the sauna seats and walls. Use a brush and special sauna cleaning agent. Remember to rinse afterwards.


  • Turn off the refrigerator and freezer. Clean the refrigeration equipment. Use a sponge or a cloth and cleaning agent. Do not attempt to remove the ice from the freezer with a steel tool. Make sure to prevent melted ice from leaking out onto the floor. Use towels, for example. Leave the refrigerator and freezer doors open.
  • Clean the grease filter of the range hood. Remove it and clean with a brush. Clean the exhaust air valves by wiping all dust from the outside and inside without removing the valve or changing the settings.
  • Clean the stove with a sponge and cleaning agent. Use steel wool for cooking plates and an oven cleaning agent for the oven and baking sheets. Remember to vacuum up the back and edges of the oven by pulling it off the wall. Use a cloth to clean the spatter on the wall, cabinets and the edges of the stove.

Other Facilities

  • Empty, clean and wipe the cabinets, shelves and doors.
  • Vacuum and wash the floors of every room.
  • Clean and wipe the doors and door jambs. Clean the radiators, skirting boards and window sills.
  • Empty and clean the balcony/yard/terrace and your own storage space.
  • Tenants must take all the required furniture, mattresses, TVs and other hazardous waste for recycling by themselves. DO NOT take these to the waste collection bins of the apartment.
  • Wash the windows.
  • Remember to close and lock the doors!
  • Do not leave any items/clothing in the apartment!