Building Permit

leipäteksti building permit

Building permits include construction permits, action permits and notifications, landscaping and demolition permits.

Building Permit

  • Building constructions.
  • Repair or modification work comparable with building.
  • Building extension.
  • Adding a space to be included in the total floor space.
  • Significant changes in the intended use.
  • Other repair or modification work requires a building permit if the work may affect the safety or health of the users of the building.

The building permit is valid for five years and the work must be started within three years from the granting of the permit. A building authority may extend the validity of the work permit by two years, at the maximum, to begin the construction work. The validity for completing the work may be extended by a maximum of three years at a time.


Changing of vacation homes into permanent residences

Changing a vacation home into a permanent residence requires a specific permit. Depending on the building location and planned area, the permit application is processed according to one of the following:
Through a planning requirement decision for dry land (not shore area) when the area does not have a land use plan designated directly to building (local detailed plan or local master plan), but the area still requires planning.

Through a deviation decision in case of a shore area without a plan or when the area is designated as a vacation home building site in the local shore master plan or local detailed plan.
Through a building permit in case of a sparsely populated area on dry land or when the area does not have a local master plan and does not require planning.


Action Permit

  • Boat house (less than 25 m2).
  • Barbecue hut, shelter, summer house (15-25 m2).
  • Greenhouse (20-50 m2).
  • Stand.
  • Kiosk, stall etc. (less than 25 m2).
  • Manure storage, silo, decanting or urine tank.
  • Mast, chimney, large light post.
  • Large, fixed pier.
  • Wastewater treatment system.
  • Ground-source heat well.
  • Change of roof shape.
  • Essential change in building façade (planning zone).
  • Other arrangements and changes with a significant and long-term effect on the image of the municipality and environment.

The action permit is valid for three years from granting it.


Action Notification

Instead of a permit application process, a notification procedure applies to the building of a non-heated and uninsulated outbuilding of no more than 9 m2 that is part of the existing residence or vacation home or is necessary for agriculture and is located outside of the local detailed plan area.

A notification is required for the following:

  • Canopy (less than 25 m2).
  • Outbuilding (less than 25 m²).
  • Barbecue hut or shelter, summer house (less than 20 m²).
  • Essential change in building façade (rural area).
  • Change in roofing or its colouring.
  • Change in external cladding or its colour.
  • An installation of awning that effects the street scene.

The notification becomes null and void if the said actions have not been commenced within six months and completed within a year since the reception of the notification.

Landscaping Permit

A landscaping permit is required for actions that will change the scenery considerably across the town plan zone.

These types of actions include, for example:

  • Felling of trees.
  • Ground excavation.
  • Filling.
  • Mining.

A permit may also be required in general plan areas.

A landscaping permit is not a prerequisite for the implementation of work required for general or town plans, for work covered by the already granted building or action permit or for actions that have only little effect.

Demolition Permit

A demolition permit is required for the demolition of a building or its section in a town plan zone or an area with a valid building prohibition to establish a town plan. A permit is needed if stated in the master plan.

A permit is not needed if the valid building permit or approved street/road plan require the demolition of the building. A permit is also not required to demolish an outbuilding or other minor structure, except for buildings and building parts of historical or architectural significance.

The construction supervision authority must always be informed of a building demolition in writing no later than 30 days prior to starting the demolition, except if a permit is not required (demolition notification).

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