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Visiting Tohmajärvi

Tohmajärvi is a modern countryside municipality with a long and rich history. We have collected a compact info package for all travellers to give information about accommodation and restaurants, attractions, events and other activities. We will be happy to introduce you to our past and present. Welcome to be our guest!


Travel guidance

Travel brochures are available at the Tohmajärvi office building and local travel agencies.

Our Kirkas 2018 travel brochure presents the most interesting locations in Central Karelia.


Itähuolinta, Ysitien Portti

Kauppatie 4 A, Niirala

+358 13 285 170

Brochures and other information available. Also in Russian. Open all year: Mon-Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Free Internet available in Info.


Municipal government office

Järnefeltintie 1, Tohmajärvi

+358 40 105 4015, +358 40 105 4028

You will find a wide variety of travel and other municipal brochures in the entrance hall of the Tohmajärvi office building, as well as Central Karelia brochures, Via Karelia travel maps and Sininen Tie brochures. Note: Closed in July.


Renkitupa café

Kirkkotie 14, Tohmajärvi

+358 50 363 6154

Travel brochures available, e.g. North Karelian museums brochure and personal guidance. Open during summer.


Pitäjäntupa café

Kirkkotie 600, Tohmajärvi

+358 50 373 8172

Some travel brochures available and personal guidance. Open during summer.


Puun Sielu

Vehkavaarantie 250, Onkamo

+358 500 253 722 / Natasha

Some travel brochures available and personal guidance, especially in Russian. Open nearly all year round.


Visits to Russia

Please note that you will need a valid passport and visa for a border crossing. Leave your visa application well in advance of your visit to Russia.

Visa services are provided by Tohmajärven matkapalvelu and Lämpöidea.


What to see elsewhere in North Karelia?

Check the VisitKarelia site to find information on other travel locations in North Karelia or to search for a tailored travel package for your group.

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