Recycling and Sorting of Waste

leipäteksti recycling and sorting of waste

Waste transport services in Tohmajärvi are managed by

  • Jätehuolto J. Varonen Ay,  phone: +358 400 245 429
  • Puhtaanapitopalvelu Pesonen Oy, phone: +358 500 340 221, +358 500 372 202
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    Puhtaanapitopalvelu Pesonen Oy


The Waste Management Act requires that the municipality will arrange for the collection of waste from permanent residences and vacation homes. The payment will cover the costs of this task for the municipality. The municipality is also responsible for the arrangement of municipal waste management.


Property owners are charged for recyclable and hazardous waste on an annual basis.

The invoice is sent to the property owner under whose name the property is registered on January 1st.

If your household only produces little waste, you may apply for a special permit that allows exceptions to the terms and conditions of the waste management regulations by sending your application to the building inspector, phone: +358 40 105 4239.


Collection Points of Recyclable and Hazardous Waste

  • Rinki Eco Take-Back Point
    Rinki eco take-back points in Tohmajärvi area collect board, glass, metal, paper and clothing waste.
    • Hainarintie 1, S-Market
    • Onkamontie 341, Old school in Onkamo
  • Eco Point
    Collection point arranged by the municipality for glass, metal and paper waste.
    • Särkilahdentie 224 (also paper), Tikkala
    • Sörkäntie 19 (also paper), Asema
    • Akkalantie 61 (small paper waste container), Akkala
    • Vääräkoskentie 740 (also paper), Saario
    • Sähkötie 3 (small paper waste container), Uusi-Värtsilä
    • Kauppatie 1 (small paper waste container), Niirala
    • Hopeakalliontie 2, Värtsilä
  • Mixed Waste Collection Container (subject to a charge, marked with blue on the map)
    These locked containers are for summer residents only. The key is found in the technical office.
    • Särkilahdentie 224, Tikkala school
    • Onkamontie 341, Old school in Onkamo
    • Kauppakatu 5, backyard of commercial building Troikka
    • Hopeakalliontie 2, Village house in Värtsilä
  • Hazardous Waste Collection Point
    This collection point is intended for pesticides, paints, adhesives and equivalent materials. Batteries, luminescent lamps, energy saving lamps, clean waste oils, used oil filters
    and small amounts of iron waste are also accepted.
    • Voimatie 1
      Open times: Mon-Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, phone: +358 44 920 3806
  • Electricity and Electronics Waste
    All electrical and electronic devices from households can be taken to this collection point free of charge.
    • Voimatie 1
      Open times: Mon-Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, phone: +358 44 920 3806


Construction Waste

- Construction waste is accepted at:

  • Sopensuo waste treatment facility, phone: +358 40 105 1231 or  +358 50 378 7570
    Puhoksentie 15, FI-82500 Kitee
  • Joensuun Seudun Jätehuolto Oy, Kontiosuo Waste Station
    phone: +358 50 326 3528
    Kontiosuontie 11, FI-80260 Joensuu


- Reception of impregnated wood:

  • Sopensuo waste treatment facility, phone: +358 40 105 1231 or +358 50 378 7570
     Puhoksentie 15, FI-82500 Kitee


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