Other Things To Do

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Snowmobile Rides

Is snowmobile riding your favourite activity? Tohmajärvi has great possibilities for that. The municipality area has dozens of kilometres of marked snowmobile trails. These trails are part of the Central Karelia network with connections towards Ilomantsi and Joensuu.


Picnic in Nature

There are several rest stops to serve the campers along the Jänisjoki river waterway with a lean-to, open fireplace and toilet. Some of them can only be accessed by water and some of them by road. Should you like to enjoy a picnic in nature, this can be easily arranged in the shore locations for boats along Kattilakoski, Saario and Patsolankoski, as they are located right by the road.



Tohmajärvi and especially Värtsilä are widely known by bird enthusiasts. Lake Sääperi in Värtsilä, close to the Russian border, is regarded as one of the most valuable and versatile bird waters in Finland. The Uudenkylänlampi pond and the fields in the Värtsilä valley are popular among birds. The Peijonniemilahti bay at the northern end of Tohmajärvi has a vast variety of nesting birds. This bay is filled with larger birds in the springtime. More information is found on the Visit Karelia website and the North Karelian Ornithological Society website.

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