Food and Accommodation

leipteksti food and accommodation


Hotelli Joki

Hopeakalliontie 3a, FI-82655 Värtsilä

+358 400 888 681

A stylish and pleasant apartment hotel at only 5 kilometres from the Niirala border station. Light and spacious 30 square metre apartments of the hotel located at the brink of the Jänisjoki river in Värtsilä have their own backyards, terrace, bathroom and kitchenette. A high-class one-bedroom apartment is also available.

Catering, banquet and meeting services and sauna upon advance reservation.


Jouhkolan Hovi

Jouhkolantie 41, FI-82600 Tohmajärvi

+358 400 278 810

A cosy and peaceful mansion milieu along the Tohmajärvi-Kitee road. This was once the court of Gabriel Wallenius. The court foundation writing was cut in the rock. Mansion accommodation for groups of six or more upon advance reservation.


Jouhkolan Lumo

Jouhkolantie 21, FI-82600 Tohmajärvi

+358 400 278 810

Two peaceful and cosy cottages on the very shore of Lake Tohmajärvi.


Minimotel Tohmajärvi

Kirkkotie 5 C, FI-82600 Tohmajärvi

+358 440 964 003

Peaceful and affordable accommodation at the centre of Tohmajärvi. Rooms of 1-6 persons for up to 50 people.


Jänisjoen tuvat

Teollisuustie, FI-82675 Niirala

+358 400 840 309

Accommodation in spacious apartments near the Jänisjoki river. These apartments have a living room, two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. Catering services upon advance order. Enjoy the warmth of the old riverside sauna. Electric and infrared sauna are also available.


Reijo Koskelo’s holiday cottages

Kannaksentie 405, FI-82360 Onkamo

+358 50 544 3825

Two cosy all-year-round cottages at the isthmus of Onkamo, on the shores of Suur-Onkamo and Lake Särkijärvi.



T:mi Rinkilä - Sari Rinkinen

Akkalantie 20, FI-82600 Tohmajärvi

+358 50 305 9029

A furnished one bedroom apartment with a well-equipped kitchen, bathroom and toilet. A sauna is also available, Additionally, affordable hall accommodation with beds and a furnished living space for groups. A bathroom and toilet are in the same facility.


Suur-Onkamon Loma

Pirkko Karvinen

Kirtsinniementie 131, FI-82360 Onkamo

+358 400 940 613

Two log cabins, one apartment and a spacious vacation apartment on the shore of the fish-rich Lake Suur-Onkamo in Kirtsinniemi are available for renting from May to September.


Majatalo Sinilintu

Värtsiläntie 432, FI-82665 Värtsilä

+358 400 803 943

B&B along the Jänisjoki river. Four rooms of two people.


Food and Coffee

Ravintola Kotipirtti

Nina Heinonen

Talluksentie 26, FI-82600 Tohmajärvi

+358 13 222 636, +358 50 597 6343

A cosy lunch restaurant with alcohol serving rights located in the centre of Tohmajärvi. Open during the daytime from Monday to Friday. A popular venue for family feasts. Catering services also for outing trips.


Restaurant Hekariin

Kauppakatu 5, FI-82600 Tohmajärvi

+358 46 521 5562

A shashlik restaurant that offers Caucasian flavours. A variety of dishes. Open from noon to evening. Karaoke and dance nights on weekends. A shop that sells e.g. cheese products from Estonia.


Tähti Kebab Pizzeria

Kirkkotie 1, FI-82600 Tohmajärvi

+358 13 622 300

Located at the centre of Tohmajärvi, open every day until 9 p.m. Pizza, kebab, coffee.


Teboil Service Station

Järnefeltintie 8, FI-82600 Tohmajärvi

+358 400 264 148

At the centre, near the roundabout. Soup lunch, pizza, hamburgers and barbecue food.


Nurkkala Diner and Café

Maiju Lassilan tie 2, Tohmajärvi

+358 40 361 7073

Homemade lunch on weekdays.


Hotelli Joki

Hopeakalliontie 3 a

+358 400 888 681

Homemade lunch on weekdays during the summertime. At other times, the restaurant is open only by order and during events.


Kaivo Café

Talluksentie 5, Tohmajärvi

+358 40 751 2443

The café and pastry shop is open Mon-Fri 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.

The active women of Kaivo ry offer catering services for different occasions. For catering, contact: +358 50 490 4591.


Health Center Café

Takkunurmentie 9, Tohmajärvi

+358 41 785 6977

The café located in the health centre offers home-baked treats.


Värtsilä Village House Café

Hopeakalliontie 1, Värtsilä

+358 41 852 1341

The café is located in the village house. Open on weekdays.

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